Maybe This Step, Maybe That Step, Maybe Both Steps? – Following The Steps Toward Your Dream.

As the saying goes, hard work never killed anyone but why take the risk? 

You may smile, but success does not come unless we decide to prioritize the steps that will lead us toward our dreams. When you know that you know that you KNOW what God has called you to do on this earth, quitting halfway through the journey isn’t an option if you’ve decided in your heart that you’re going to trust God with every step He asks you to take no matter how scary it feels. Because maybe this step, maybe that step, or maybe both steps could be the final step in your journey toward living out your dream? 

The Wisdom literature of Ecclesiastes reminds us that this life is just a breath of fleeting vapour. So why waste your time with all the steps? Because Ecclesiastes 11:4-6 suggests that getting up early to sow seeds or finding worthwhile things to do in the evening could be, maybe this step, maybe that step or maybe both steps which could profit you. But you’ll never know unless you step out! 

‘Those who watch and wait for favourable winds never plant, and those who watch and fret over every cloud never harvest. You can no more predict the path of the wind than you can explain how a child’s bones are formed in a mother’s womb. Even more, you will never understand the workings of the God who made all things. Get up early to sow your seed, and in the evening find worthwhile things to do, for you never know which will profit you – maybe this, maybe that, maybe both.’ Ecclesiastes 11:4-6 

There are a lot of maybe steps along the path toward your dream and whether you’re a morning songbird, or a night owl you need to keep taking the next step. So, what does success look like to you? What step tells you that you’ve finally reached your dream? To pinpoint the actual step that propelled a person into their success and the dream they desired could have a varied of answers.  

But there is one common thread in every dreamer’s heart that runs alongside them on each maybe step toward their successful dream. Fear. The fear of stepping into the unknown is a biggie with dreamers because that maybe step can be darn scary, right?! However, as the writer of Ecclesiastes points out that those who watch and wait, and fret will never see a harvest because fear will stop them from planting anything. 

Don’t let the fear gremlins rob you of sowing your dream seeds. Don’t let unease or doubt over every thought of how it could go all wrong cloud over your thinking. The wisdom of Ecclesiastes is right. We can no more predict the path of where the winds of adversity blow than explain how a child grows in a mother’s womb. Meaning, we don’t get to see the things God is working out for our good. 

We cannot fathom how God sends the sun to make those dream seeds grow into a harvest, but God makes the sunrise and set with no help from ourselves. And the cool winds of trials will help the plant push its roots deep down into the soil, so it has a strong foundation to keep it steady in each step of its growth. 

So, whether you get up early or stay up late, keep taking the maybe steps, keep moving forward because you never know which step will be the final step toward your dream.

Still afraid to take a maybe step? 

Here’s a little reminder… 

‘Trust only in God every moment! Tell Him all your troubles and pour out your heart longings to Him. Believe me when I tell you – He will help you.’ Psalm 62:8 

Wendy xo 

Have you let the fear gremlins stop you from taking some maybe steps toward your dream? 

I pray today that God’s peace will surround you as you step out with courage and confidence into the maybe steps God has asked you to walk, and I pray that He will guard your heart against the fear gremlins that try to rob you of your dreams, your purpose, and your destiny.  


Wendy Parker

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