In the cool of the day – Walking with God once again

It’s been a long, hot summer here in Australia

And in the cool of the day, we would sit, relax and chat about life

Sipping a cold beverage or two, out on the back patio

While watching the sun dip behind the gum trees

There’s something to be said about the cool of the day

Maybe that’s why, God chose that moment to walk with Adam and Eve

He wanted to know their thoughts and intentions

He wanted to get to know them on a personal level

And He did it, in the cool of the day



But something happened in Genesis 3 that broke that special bond

The bond that was exchanged, in the cool of the day

The serpent had deceived them

And now, they were hiding from the Presence of God

Because they were afraid

But God calls out to Adam in Genesis 3:9 and He asks

“Where are you?”


Let me ask you the same question, my friend, “Where are you?”

I mean, not where you are right at this moment

I’m talking about your relationship with God

Where are you with that?

Are you walking with Him in the cool of the day?

Or have you been deceived by the serpent

Stripped of all your trust towards God, and so you hide because you’re afraid?

If your reading this, then I want to encourage you, my friend

God is still looking for you

And He’s asking you the same question, “Where are you?”

He knows the serpent has told you lies

Lies that you’re naked

Stripped and worthless

No longer wanted

So, the serpent suggests that you hide

Hide away, so God doesn’t find you

Because when He does, He’ll only reject you

But nothing could be further from the Truth

God knows your hurts and scars

He knows that you’ve felt isolated and lost

He understands that you’ve listened to the wrong voices

But know this, my friend

He loves you and wants you to walk with Him again

In the cool of the day

Where you told Him your thoughts and dreams

You told Him your secrets and He told you His

He wants to walk with you again

In the cool of the day

All you need to do is to let Him find you


Wendy xo















Wendy Parker

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