If I could just Fit through!

What doors have you tried to fit through lately?

Alice had a dilemma. She found herself standing in a corridor full of doors but she couldn’t decide which one to go through, until she pulled back a curtain and discovered a very small door. The door was locked, so she knelt down and peered through the keyhole at a magical land that greeted her eyes.

How was Alice going to get through the door?

Alice door pic


The ‘Drink Me’ bottle.

You have probably felt like Alice too.

I know I have.

You’ve looked through the keyhole of a small door hoping to find the magic potion to make you fit through it. Maybe it’s the small door to popularity, or the small door of being accepted, or loved.

Alice picture


Hoops to jump through.

Satan loves to wave the ‘Drink Me’ bottle in your face. He whispers in your ear that it’s the only way you can fit through those doors you so desperately want to go through. He knows your true identity will become lost in the process of trying to ‘fit in’ and that’s exactly his plan.

Loved and accepted.

Jesus says in the Bible that you are already loved and accepted by Him. He doesn’t give you potions to fit through doors, He just says, “Follow Me.”

Hold up! You mean He didn’t say, “Make sure you drink this to fit through that door, then you can follow Me.”? Nope.

Stop trying hard to fit in.

You weren’t made to fit in; you were made to stand out my friend! Jesus reveals your true identity so you can step through the door and go on an adventure into Wonderland with him. No potion needed. Simple.

So ask yourself this question today. What doors have you tried to squeeze through lately?

Wendy xo



Wendy Parker

Comments (3)

  1. Joshua Moore
    January 19, 2016

    Wendy this is more of a question rather than an answer to the, post

    Why is it that people at church, C3 and People at my work place Camden Council, are much more accepting off a person with a disability than, young kids who get picked up by their parents, this from time to time is still something I go through and subsequently it makes it hard for me when this happens, I know god is with me…

    • Wendy Parker
      January 22, 2016

      Young kids may find people with disabilities a little confronting at times Josh, they sometimes don’t understand why a person looks a little different to everyone else in their world. Those are the times you need to lean on God more 🙂

      • Joshua Kevyn Moore
        February 11, 2016

        Wendy I’ve been off the Voice a little too long with regards too some articles Thankyou for going into detail on this Question I know this article is a month old, but thanks again for your detailed reply..

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