I Know You By Name

“I know you well and you are special to me

I know you by name…”

When you read those words

You felt valued and loved

But those words aren’t my words, they’re God’s

They’re found in Exodus 33:17

And He speaks them over you, my friend


If you’ve been reading my blog posts for a while

You would know that I lost both of my beautiful, old Labrador’s last year to Cancer

Tragically within just a few months of each other

Now that the deep mourning has passed in our family

And the loss doesn’t sting so bad

We decided it was time to look around for another dog

We prayed that God would send us a dog who needed to be rescued

And would fit into our family life perfectly

Well, God answered our prayers

Meet Rose

I know

She’s adorable!

Rose needed to be rescued

Being 8 years old, her chances were slim to find a new home

Unfortunately, Rose came from a puppy farm when she was surrendered to the pound

And had been used as a breeding dog

She’s never had the privilege of living in a family home


What made her story even more sad

Was the fact that she didn’t even know her name

We’ve had Rose, our chocolate Labrador for just over a week

And the change in her is amazing

But the great thing is

She now responds to her name

We have restored her spirit

And brought back her sparkle

“I know you well and you are special to me

I know you by name…”

From ashes to beauty

Rose’s story has a happy ending

But what about your story?

Is it like Rose’s?

Filled with the emptiness of not knowing what unconditional love feels like?

To hear your name being called

And not responding because you don’t know how special you are?

God is searching for you, my friend

He knows you by name

He knows you well

And you are special to Him

When He calls you by name

He tells you that he forgives your sins

He reminds you how merciful He is towards you

He shows great love and helps heal your wounds

He sets you apart because you are His

“I know you well and you are special to me

I know you by name…”

All you need to do is respond

And just like Rose

You will start to bloom


Wendy xo



















Wendy Parker

Comments (4)

  1. Philip
    May 3, 2017

    Well i could be accused of being bias , but you are truely a great communicator and a inspirational blogger/writer. You are very passionate and thought provoking in your blogs.i am blessed to be with you on your journey .Keep going no matter all the knocks,
    and walls you face.Life is a jigsaw never give up until the last piece is in place.

    • Wendy Parker
      May 5, 2017

      You are the wind in my sails…

  2. M&D
    May 4, 2017


    • Wendy Parker
      May 5, 2017

      Thanks x

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