Gone Fishing – Casting your net on the wrong side of the boat.

Have you ever put up a “Gone Fishing” sign when things didn’t work out the way you planned them?  In your despair, did you throw your nets out of your boat, hoping to “catch something” that will make you feel like you’re in familiar waters again?

Has the sense of hopelessness engulfed you because you’ve, “fished all night and caught nothing” making you feel like a total loser? Well, don’t worry, you’re in good company.

Introducing Peter. The disciple who should have worn peppermint socks because he was constantly opening his mouth and putting his foot in it. Peter had totally stuffed up. So, he’s denied Jesus three times and after the rooster crowed, Peter announces in John 21:3, ‘I am going fishing.”  


I know how Peter feels and I’m sure you do too. You’ve stepped out of the boat and walked on water with Jesus, only to find a few chapters later in your life your putting up a sign on the door of your heart, letting everyone know that you’ve, “Gone Fishing.”

We tend to want to hide when it all goes wrong. There’s something about the familiar that’s well, familiar. Going back to a situation or job that we thought we’d left behind, makes us feel comfortable and back in control.  Safely tucked up in our little boat, casting our nets out, hoping to “catch” something that will make us feel valued again.


 Peter is back with the boys in his boat, and he’s casting down his nets. What more could go wrong?  Boats and fish are what the disciples were all about. Come on, catching fish for a living isn’t all that bad, right?  Sure, if that’s what God’s purpose for you is.

So, they cast their net out and waited…

And then they cast their net out again and waited…

Then they cast their net out again, and again, and again.


That’s what happens when you’re not where God wants you to be. You cast your nets out over and over again, except the nets are on the wrong side. And when you’re on the wrong side of the boat, you catch a. big. fat – nothing.

I love how in John 21, Jesus is standing on the beach watching Peter cast his nets. Peter is exhausted, frustrated and miserable. Then Jesus shouts, “My sons, you haven’t caught any fish, have you?”

Why? Because being in a fishing boat wasn’t Peter’s purpose, so he’s going to catch zip, nowt, narder. He was on the wrong side of everything, not just the boat. Jesus had something far more important for Peter than fishing for fish. Jesus wanted Peter to go fishing for men.

So, how about you? Are you fed up with throwing out your net and coming up with nothing? Maybe, just maybe it’s high time you cast your net on the right side of the boat.


Wendy xo









Wendy Parker

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