Go you good thing! – Run the race set before you


Being lavishly spoilt with an all expenses paid ticket to Royal Randwick Racecourse Grandstand was the highlight of my weekend. Each race everyone was shouting, “Go you good thing!” while the horses ran around the track. As I watched those stunning thoroughbred horses being led into the stalls before each race, I thought about how they have to completely submit and stay focused on the jockey who is guiding them and helping them to win.  The horse needs to trust him if they’re to win the race which is set before them.  

Unless the horse submits and goes into the stalls, then all that training and preparation means nothing. The jockeys primary mission is for the horse to run the race and win, but if the horse is stubborn and wants to do its own thing it cannot take part in the race. 

If we’re to run the race that’s set before us, we need to submit to God’s plans for us. We need to trust completely in the jockey. I know, I know it’s easier said than done. I totally get it. I’ll be the first to admit that I struggle in this area. Those stalls are scary as you’re being led towards them. But, I am getting better, as I’m sure you are too.  


Hebrews 12:12 talks about … running the race which is set before us. The verse reminds us to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus as we run. Imagine yourself wearing blinkers. Blinkers are used to limit the horses vision. They’re to help the horse concentrate on running and reduce distraction during the race. 

Sometimes I need blinkers on while I’m running my race, then I wouldn’t be so easily sucked into playing the “comparison game” that we all dabble in from time to time. The enemy watches and studies you as you run. He knows that when your eyes are watching what everyone else is doing, it means that your eyes are not on Jesus and you’re not running in your own lane.  

If the enemy can limit your progress with comparing and measuring yourself with all the other runners, he’s guaranteed to keep you from where you need to be. 

Like the race horses, we need to ignore all the distractions and just run the race. And don’t believe the lie that you’re on your own in the race because the pioneers who blazed the way are cheering you on, my friend, They are the great cloud of witnesses who’s stories we need read over and over again to remind ourselves that they are in the Grandstand shouting,

“Go you good thing!” 

Wendy xo  








Wendy Parker

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  1. Karyn
    November 1, 2018

    Love it!

  2. M&D
    November 1, 2018


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