Funnel or Megaphone? – Turn your whisper into a shout!


I listened to a sermon a couple of years ago in Church. It was all about how we need to get from the wide end of the funnel to the narrow end in our Christian walk. The idea was, that when we reach the narrow end of the funnel, we have fulfilled all the requirements as to what a “Christian” should be.

Sounds plausible. But what if, when we’ve ticked all those boxes as believer’s and we make our way down this imaginary funnel, we find we’re still wanting something more?

We envisioned this was what God wanted. I mean, the narrow end of the funnel is where every disciple should be, right? So, why does it feel so empty? Why does it feel like we’re missing the point?

I believe the reason why we feel so empty inside is because the narrow end of the funnel can only fit one person, (and that’s you!) There’s no room to open your arms wide and embrace people in that tight-fitting space. There’s no room to enlarge your thinking and grow deeper in God’s love when you’re in the confinement of the narrow end. We set up boundaries and make our Christian walk rigid and stiff when we’re in the narrow end of the funnel.

I don’t think God wants that for my life and I don’t think He wants it for yours.


So, what if we turned that funnel around and made it into a megaphone? What if being at the wide end of the funnel was where God really wants you to be?  Where you’ll have room to grow so you can find your purpose and destiny. The megaphone can give you so much more room. Room to open your arms wider to other people and show them how much God loves them.

And I’m not talking about being loud and obnoxious. Nobody wants that. I’m talking about God’s love beaming out of you. It’s about turning that funnel into a megaphone and doing something remarkable with your life.

We need your voice to shout out the truth in a world full of lies. We need you, my friend, to show the world how much God loves them.

If you’re living in the narrow end of the funnel, take my advice and get out of that place! Turn that funnel on its head and make it your megaphone! Shine out God’s love through it. Embrace and engage with the people around you. Use that megaphone as a platform to make a difference.

“Funnel living” will slowly suffocate the life out of you, if you’re not careful.“Megaphone living” is so much better than playing it safe and small in the narrow end of the funnel.

God made you brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous and He wants you living out your purpose and fulfilling your destiny.

So, turn that narrow minded funnel living into a God filled megaphone life, and spread God’s love everywhere you go.

Come on you beautiful thing, it’s high time you turned your whisper into a shout!


Wendy xo






Wendy Parker

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  1. M&D
    August 16, 2018

    Yes Wendy, we understand what you mean, We should go out and share Gods good news, but some find it harder than others to do, another good subject.


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