Dream Serious: Daring to believe you have what it takes

 Let’s get serious for a moment. Do you dream serious? I mean seriously, do you believe that you have what it seriously takes to pull off your dream? If you answered “No” then grab a seat, get comfortable and read on, my friend.


Firstly, to dream serious you need to develop an inner belief system that you’re going to achieve what’s in your heart. You can listen to inspiring TED talks until the cows come home, read every, “How to achieve your dream” book over and over again, and your friends can constantly remind you of how great you are at that “thing” that you do. Sure, it feels good, but you’re still left with a hollow feeling unless you are daring to believe you have what it takes to make your dream happen.   


Look at the dreamer, Joseph. Now if you read my blogs on the regular you would know I talk a lot about Joseph. Yes, I may have a slight obsession about him, and I will probably act like a fan girl when I see him in heaven. The Bible does mention he was ‘handsome in form and appearance’ Genesis 39:6. #Bedazzled

But it wasn’t Joseph’s good looks that saw his dream come true. He had developed an inner belief system that the dream God gave him was going to happen, no matter how many plot twists came his way. Seriously, his story reads like a gripping novel.  

Hated by his brothers, sold as a slave, head servant of Potiphar’s household, accused of rape by Potiphar’s scheming wife, thrown into the dungeon and left to rot, supervisor to all the prisoners…and FINALLY the Pharaoh sends for him because Joseph could interpret dreams.   

Notice something about Joseph. He had to help Pharaoh with his dream right before his own dream came to fruition. Being a dreamer may mean you have to help someone achieve their dream before God gives the green light on yours. A servant’s heart is the foundation of every serious dreamer. I’m serious!  

So, if you’re serious about your dream. I mean seriously, serious about it and you dare to believe that you have what it takes, there is no stopping you, my friend!  And when you’re living your dream, well…it’s seriously a beautiful thing. 

Wendy xo 


Wendy Parker

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