Come as you are – But don’t sit in my seat

The feeling of shame comes first as you hear the words, “You’re sitting in my seat.”

Followed by the frosty glare that bores down into your very soul

The kindly lady, who reeks of tweed and leather armchairs

Won’t budge an inch until you get up and find somewhere else to sit

The ‘come as you are’ mantra that is spread around most Churches

Seems to vanish into thin air, as the person who’s ‘seat’ you’ve recklessly occupied

Has the intimidation tactics of the 9 foot giant, Goliath, found in 1 Samuel 17

And while you’re searching for the five, smooth stones in your handbag

You realise that you can’t just come as you are, heavens no

You must jump through the invisible hoops that are held up as high as their standards

Before you can even think about ‘coming as you are’

I know people who claim to love Jesus with all their hearts, but confess to me that they get really ticked off because someone –hold the phone – sits in their regular spot along the pew


Can the real Christian please stand up?

Oh, you’re already standing up – of course, you’ve just had to move seats 😉


Enter Jesus

He was labelled, the friend of sinners

‘…And the people said, “This man is a glutton! He’s a drunk! And He hangs around with tax collectors and sinners, to boot.” Matthew 12:19

Considered to have lost His mind by His own family

‘When Jesus’ family heard about this craziness, they went to drag Him out of that place.“Jesus has lost His mind.” Mark 3:20

And helped ‘unclean’ people by touching and healing them

‘Lord, if You wish to, You can heal me of my disease. Jesus reaches out His hand and touches the man, something no one would normally do for fear of being infected or of becoming ritually unclean’ Luke 5:12-13

Not someone who deserves to sit in Mrs tweed – wearing seat, that’s for sure!

But the more we worry and fuss about who sits in what seat

The more Jesus is squeezed out

Come as you are, is a statement which needs to be lived out, in and out of Church life

No matter what

And I don’t care what seat you sit in

You are welcome here


Come as you are


Wendy xo















Wendy Parker

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