Clean heart, right spirit – The story of the millipede

Peter, Paul, James and Jude all had something in common

They were all leaders who served with a clean heart and right spirit

What does that mean?

Glad you asked

The Bible calls them, Bondservants

Hold the phone

Did you just say, BOND Servant?

No, no, no

It’s not a 007 status

Let’s just take a breath for a moment here

A Bondservant isn’t about you driving around in an Aston Martin like Daniel Craig

A Bondservant is a person who’s faithful and loyal in their serving

Oh, that’s a shame…

(Cancel the car)

Faithful servants, who not only lead people

But served with a clean heart and right spirit

Let me explain…


The other morning, I was filling the kettle up with water for my morning cup of tea

(Hey, I’m English, it’s a given)

When I saw a millipede crawling along my fly screen

I watched, fascinated by all its legs moving in sync with one another

Then I wondered, (as I often do, at 6.00am in the morning)

What if that little millipede’s legs didn’t move along together?

What if some legs decided they weren’t going to cooperate any longer with the other legs?

What would happen then?

I’ll tell you what would happen

That poor little millipede wouldn’t be going anywhere

He’d be stuck, unable to move

Each one of the millipede’s leg was as important as the others

When each leg served faithful and loyal to the millipede

Like a Bondservant (faithful and loyal) to the head of the millipede

The same head that has the eyes to see exactly which direction the legs should be going in

The millipede could move forward


Jesus is the Head

And we are the body of believers, who serve Him

He wants you to keep moving forward

But Jesus doesn’t just want 100 legs marching along like brain -dead zombies

He wants you to serve others because you love Him

God sees your faithfulness in serving, which is something you get the privilege to do

But being loyal, well that’s more about character

Serving is what you get to do

Being loyal through serving is more about who you truly are

Bondservants, like Peter, Paul, James and Jude

They’re the real deal

Leaders are servers

And when people see believers serving with a clean heart and right spirit

They see that their motives are right

Which attracts them to serve too

They see your character hasn’t become tainted with the glory of a title or a position

People see your heart

And that’s the whole point

Satan started out by serving God

But his heart became tainted with the lust for power


…Well, we all know how that turned out

That’s why he hates Bondservants

The people who serve with a clean heart and right spirit

Because he can’t derail them with a taste for titles, status and power

Bondservants who serve with a clean heart and a right spirit

Are like magnets, attracting other people to Jesus

Because they’re the real deal 

And that my friend, is worth seeking out and holding onto


Wendy xo









Wendy Parker

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